dimanche 8 février 2015

                 The power of our CONSCIOUSNESS...

We are all creators - every day of life! But most of the time we are not conscious of it.
We chose what becomes important. We can see the beauty and the miracles around us or we can chose to see everything that is negative. We often  worry about negative things that can  (eventually) happen in the future...

But we life HERE AND NOW and that is the most important....to feel the present moment in life. To feel that we are a life... Where our intentions goes our life goes...

JUST TO BE is what I really try to learn! It is more difficult then we think... Try!
Try to see the beauty in the small details in nature!... 
Try to make life "deeper"  in increasing every sense with more intensity! Hear more! See more colors! Feel more! 
Feel what the  language of nature are trying to communique to us in every moment... the "inner language of nature"... communicating with something very deep inside ourselves. 
(A language I try to transmit in my art and textile designs: www.helenasellergrencreations.com)

jeudi 5 février 2015



Mr Masuru Emoto: japanese scientific, has  with his ice crystals shown how water is connected to human consciusness...In 2003 he founded an association for peace on Earth: www.emoto-peace-project.com

What Mr Masuru Emoto has found out about water is really astonishing!
In his research he takes photos of frozen water crystal from water having been influenced by human feelings, music and human voices in different ways. He has found out that the crystals in water changes and become chaotic or very beautiful.
When we consider that we are almost made of 98 % water this is quite important...!
The "EMOTO PROJECT" is a beautiful project, where children around the world are learned to respect and to love the water and also learn how water can be purified by making positive thought. If peace are projected to the water in our body and around the planet...we learn that water is peace...we am all peace...The "Emoto project" will be the international symbol for PEACE ON EARTH.   www.masuru-emoto.net


I decided to start this blog in parallel with my artistic blog connected to my website helenasellergrencreations.com.to share all so fantastic interesting new thought, discoveries, new paradigms and magic that has always inspired me in my art and that are today changing our society on a deeper level even if nothing can me seen in our daily life (or very little!)I love to read about all this and I want to share what I'm reading! It is so important for our health, harmony and happiness...for our deeper understanding of our life and society. I makes our daily life DEEPER, it gives stronger colors to the world around us.So be CURIOUS, be ENTHUSIASTIC and your life will change!
So where to begin... I think I will write about all the thinkers that I read and that has inspired me... So please follow!